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Original Scripts, the Core of Pili’s Intellectual Properties


Script is the core part of all the intellectual properties

Puppet Head

Start with the sketching the original design of the head puppet, or after the writers communicate with the sculptors then proceeds to real sculpturing.



Costume designers specially design for the characters of the exclusive costumes and accessories. Firstly, it starts with graphic costume designing then the draft and the final version, which will be completed by costume tailor according to the finalized design.



The Setting Group made the set and scenery designs by the demands then put all aspects of special scenes into the real production.



The casts will be categorized by the Props Group, and each staff weapon will also be tailor-made, scene-adapted and the character compliant.
Drawing the weapon draft > Drawing the weapon colored illustration > Production of the real props



Design the hair-style and the accessories of the characters.
Costume designs match the casts accordingly. And, the consistency of the styling starts from the scratch, which is to convey the uniqueness and charisma of the characters.



There're more than 10 talented and senior musicians who dedicated themselves in the originality of the Puppet Show and the character to compose the puppet music.



From the originality of each series’ plot to the entire performance style, we have insisted on overturning tradition and challenging the avant-garde. We have now produced over 2,000 hour-long episodes of the “Pili Puppetry Series” and other related programs.



So far, more than 3,000 original heroic Pili characters have been created for the “Pili Puppetry Series.” The accumulated character images are not only the core of the Pili dramas, but a source of infinite intellectual properties for the future.


Plots and Dialogue

The splendid content of the full-length plot for the “Pili Puppetry Series,” including the character names, the weapon names, the martial arts moves, and the scene names, as well as the dialogue, result in a diverse and abundant literary text.


Superior Quality in Hardware, High Tech Management

Largest Puppet Shows production center

Located in the three major film studios taking up an area of close to 33,000 square meters in Hu-wei town in Yunlin County, the production center is designed solely for filming puppetry programs. This is the largest puppetry production center not only in Taiwan, but also in the world. Film equipment and techniques are constantly being renewed. From the film crew, director’s booth, animation workshop, and sound recording studio, to the post production center, each is equipped with advanced digital systems. Other areas are designed specifically for scriptwriters, puppet design, prop production, and graphics design. The professional, thorough, and detailed production process, the division of labor and the production staff, allow the Pili Company to produce the highest quality products. Distribution and sale of the programs is also professionally managed.

Revolutionary filming technique, high-budget advanced special effects production

What audiences like most about the Pili Puppet Theatre is the cinematic feeling of the programs.  The script, editing, camera angles, and special effects have all greatly surpassed the production values of a regular television show. Especially the martial arts fighting scenes,   which use blowing sand, flying rocks, explosions, special effect props, video editing, and precision puppeteering techniques to transform each puppet “star” into a master of the martial arts. After their experience in movie production with “Legend of The Sacred Stone” in 2000, Pili also brought in Hollywood film production techniques, plus computer-generated animation and digital sound effects, making the Pili programs’ images, lighting, and sound effects even more astonishing and cinematic. In 2015, the globally first ever real 3D animated puppet epic movie “The ARTI: Enigma of the Ancient Lop” was officially released in the cinema.