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Infinite Possibilities All at Pili

Multidimensional marketing strategy has doubled Pili’s brand name value

In order to develop Po-te-hi, the Pili Company has branched into every field of entertainment. Their artistic success and the entertainment value of their products has made Pili not only a leader in Taiwanese local culture, but also a unique representative of Taiwanese entertainment media. 

A puppet is different to a human; it is a kind of intangible intellectual property with a life of its own, multiple levels of application, and long-term use. Pili has created countless famous puppet stars in response to rapidly changing market trends and audiences tastes. Pili is like a never-ending idol factory.

Pili Multimedia partners with other businesses through the release of copyrights, rights to the puppet character images, and rights to the brand name. A series of strategic partnerships and co-sponsored events have helped the participating partners to effectively reach full profit-making potential. They also helped to strengthen brand positioning and demand, creating great sales results for the business partners, and further increasing the added value of the products and the brand name.



Pili Satellite Television Station

The Pili Satellite Television Station was Taiwan’s first ever television channel with puppet theater as its main attraction. Main programs on this channel included puppetry programs, Taiwanese Opera, and local dramas. The company also produces professional, leisure, and entertainment type programs, providing the most diverse selection and abundant information to the audience.


The Production and Distribution of DVDs

The Pili company has been dominating the videotape and DVD rental market in Taiwan. We have produced more than 2,000 hours of the "Pili Puppetry Series" and other related programs. In 2009, they began distributing the latest episodes through franchised convenience stores. In 2013, it collaborated with the two leading convenience stores in Taiwan, 7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart, to distribute the latest DVDs of Pili episodes on a weekly basis. Pili’s stable quantity and high quality have thereby made it the leader for Taiwan’s DVD publications.

Soundtrack production and distribution

Professional musicians in Taiwan compose the theme songs and background music for the major characters, scenes and plots in the Pili Puppetry Series. The studio also distributes original soundtracks for the episodes, with over 1,000 songs included in more than 100 original soundtrack albums to date.


Performance Business

In 1998, “The Mysteries of the Wolf City” was invited to perform at the National Theater. It was Pili’s first live performance – no retakes, no editing. The meticulously designed Wolf City stage, together with the combination of traditional and innovative performance techniques made the Pili dramas have been recognized as a representative of Taiwan’s national artistic culture. “The Symphony of Pili - Concert of the Heroes’ Legend” held at the Kaohsiung Wei Wu Ying Park in 2010 and 2011 combined music, puppetry art, special effects and multimedia technologies. In 2014, Pili incorporated its experience in exhibitions, and combined cultural innovation with technology to hold its first fee-charging exhibition “Pili Fantasy World of Puppet Art,” which fully demonstrated Pili Puppetry’s cultural and innovative potential.



With high expectation from fans, Pili International Multimedia invested a huge budget to produce the world’s first full-length Po-te-hi movie, “The Legend of the Sacred Stone”. It was officially released around Taiwan during January of 2000. It was the most popular Taiwanese movie of the millennium year. This movie further brought the charm of Po-te-hi into the international video market. Pili has begun to devoting itself to research as well as development of 3D stereoscopic filming techniques since 2010. And in 2015 it officially released in cinema “The ARTI: Enigma of the Ancient Lop,” the first ever real 3D animated puppet epic movie in the world.


Publications and posters, etc.

The Pili Company established the Pili New Wave Association in cooperation with the Cite  Publishing Group. The Association publishes guidebooks and photo albums for each  series, as well as novels and comic books, and also produces other printed matter  including posters and bookmarks.


Licensing Development of Peripheral Products

Pili has continuously been promoting and developing tie-in products as well as bolstering character licensing market in a planned way, as to expand its consumer groups in different ages. Nowadays Pili introduces more than 10 items of their merchandise each month, accumulating to thousands of products in total so far.

Fan Club and Cosplay activity

Po-te-hi is loved by audiences of all ages in Taiwan. Fans between 15 to 55 are especially crazy about the puppet stars in the dramas. Now, there are over 20 Pili fan clubs for different puppet stars. To build and strengthen interaction with fans, the Pili International Multimedia also established the official Pili Club, which publishes a monthly magazine, provides customer service, and sponsors events.


E-PILI Network Company Limited

E-PILI Network was established in September of 2000, acting as the harbinger for Pili International Multimedia to enter the internet domain. It provides abundant data content on the Pili series, as well as the latest information, social groups and the official website for the business services of the Pili International Multimedia Company. Focused on the key operating points of “Membership Social Group Management” and “Electronic Business Development”, the network further integrates the resource social groups of Chinese puppetry to become the first puppetry community website.


Physical Channels

Pili has both directly-managed and allied counters and boutiques around Taiwan. We also established directly-managed Pili flagship boutique stores in 2005. It not only gives the people an introduction to the Pili dramas, but also provides comprehensive consuming space while upgrading Pili from a traditional cultural creative industry to an international brand.

3D Animation

Bigger Picture Inc. was established in June 2012, and is the representative of Pili International Multimedia officially crossing into the 3D animation domain. It hopes to gather domestic and foreign 3D animation talents, to integrate animation special effects and professional techniques, and to establish an exclusive 3D animation center, thereby allowing the world to witness Taiwan’s outstanding animation power through original works.

Innovative Management Principles,
Sailing Into the International Blue Sea

Pili’s International Perspective

With his dedication toward the traditional art of Po-te-hi, CEO and chief scriptwriter of the Pili International Multimedia Company Chris Huang believes that originality is the foremost requirement for a product to be competitive in the market. Other requirements include having a multi-angled management focus, realizing the full potential of cooperation with other businesses, the ability to visualize long-term investment goals, and constantly challenging and surpassing your accomplishments. This management philosophy is the key reason for Pili’s success today. He has already drawn up a blueprint -- Walk beyond Taiwan, Step toward the world.


Creative Values to Surpass Myself Sailing to the Blue sea with No Competitors

Pili’s corporate ideal is to firmly establish our enterprise in Taiwan while patiently moving into the international market. Facing today’s global competition, we use the special performance style of Po-te-hi, and keep innovating by integrating new technology into our productions. Thus we can distinguish ourselves amongst the sea of competitors. The suspenseful and intricate plots of the Pili series reflect the extraordinary wisdom and strategy of Chris Huang, Pili’s chief scriptwriter and CEO. The success of Taiwan’s Pili dynasty shows that the dream of an Asian Disney is already coming true.


Taiwan Images, Creating Miracles

  • Astonished Taiwan’s film world by receiving the Best Director Award for the drama category in the Golden Bell Awards with “The Nine Dragon Throne” in 2005.
  • In 2006, Pili allowed “hand puppetry” to be honored as the “Top Taiwan Image.” Pili puppetry became the most representative image of Taiwan, thereby creating a miracle for Taiwan’s cultural & creative industry.
  • In 2006, the Pili puppetry series, “Fight for the Crown” was broadcast on the Cartoon Network, making it the first Taiwanese drama program to enter the American television network.
  • In 2011, for the R.O.C. Centennial, Pili International Multimedia was honored with the Cultural & Creative Service Category award for “Top 100 Taiwan Brands” by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, thereby once again establishing a significant milestone for Taiwan’s cultural & creative industry.
  • In 2012, Pili stood out in the contest for the “Taiwan Cultural & Creative Boutique Award” organized by the Ministry of Culture, and received the service award honor, - demonstrating that the Pili puppetry series is one of the most successful examples of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries.
  • In 2012, Pili Chairman Chris Huang was honored as one of the top 100 Taiwanese MVP managerial personnel in the “Giving New Life to Tradition” category, once again proving the principles and values of “Traditional Heritage, Sustainable Innovation” of the Pili puppetry series.
  • In October 2014, Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. is officially listed in the OTC market.
  • In 2016, for the first time for both sides, Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. has worked in collaboration with the well-known screenwriter in Japanese anime industry—“Urobuchi Gen” from Nitroplus to present a new fantasy martial art puppet drama “Thunderbolt Fantasy Tourikenyuuki.”