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Hand-Puppet Theater

Po-te-hi is a traditional form of hand-puppet theater from Southern China.  Po-te-hi means cloth-sack theater; it is also called Chang-tiong-hi, or “theater in Huang Hai-dathe palm of the hand.”  Po-te-hi matured during the late Ming and early Qing dynasty in the Quanzhou area of Fujian.  It was brought to Taiwan by settlers from there during the mid-Qing (around A.D. 1800).  Po-te-hi enacts stories which blend folk tales, history, and tales of chivalry and romance.   Master puppeteers bring the puppets to life with their unique skill of creating many different voices, entrancing the audience and drawing them deep into the story.  The Huang family of Yunlin have passed on the skills of puppeteering for generations, and they are now achieving new artistic heights.

Finding new ways to change

The credit for upholding the long lasting popularity of hand puppet theater in Taiwan belongs, without a doubt, to the Huang family. Through their creative performances and their skillful management, they continue to find new ways to develop Po-te-hi. Following contemporary social and technological developments, they made television into a new stage for Po-te-hi, reaching an even wider audience.  In order to attract a new generation of viewers, the Pili Company has continued to make creative break-through, including stories that blend fantasy, science fiction, and action-packed Chinese kung-fu sequences. Pili is opening Po-te-hi's staging and performance techniques to unlimited possibilities.


Family Tradition Products Miracle in Tradition Artistry

Handing down family tradition from one generation to the next

Po-te-hi has been performed in Taiwan for over a century.  For four generations, the Huang family has passed on the traditional art of puppetry and made innovative changes.  They have been an important part of the history of Po-te-hi’s development, from Huang Ma’s “Jin-chun Yuan” troupe to the “Wu-Zhou Yuan” troupe established by the renowned National Artistic Treasure Master Huang Hai-dai, to Huang Jun-Xiong, who originated television Po-te-hi, and finally, the brothers Chris Huang and Vincent Huang. After inheriting the family trade from their father, the two brothers made new innovations in puppetry performing methods, creating a revolutionary new cinema-style Po-te-hi, a new form of cultural inheritance for Taiwan.

Brothers working together to bring local artistry onto international stage

Chris Huang is not only the CEO of the Pili Company, but also a fourth generation master puppeteer of the Huang family. As the head of the script-writing group, he brings an abundant wealth of cultural insights into the Pili programs. Vincent Huang, an incredibly talented vocal artist, puts his full efforts into performing the voices of thousands of characters. The two brothers are company leaders, but more so, they are the souls of Pili Puppet Theatre. They have organized puppet theater into a humanized, multi-faceted enterprise. They are working together to revitalize the essence of Po-te-hi and to promote Taiwanese culture throughout the world.

The unpredictable world of Pili Martial Arts

The Pili puppetry series is the Pili International Multimedia Company’s most well known work, and the suspenseful plots have attracted countless fans to keep watching.  Pili’s chief scriptwriter Chris Huang has been honored by fans with the title “Ten-carts of books” which symbolized the completeness of his knowledge of Chinese texts. He brings his vivid imagination to work with materials borrowed from ancient play scripts, famous Chinese historical literature, and Chinese philosophy including Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc. With his many years’ experience as a television director, Mr. Huang is able to write highly cinematic scripts and to create a forceful visual style. Huang’s rich personal experience as a business manager and in society is reflected in the complex and deeply human characters he creates. The witty and ingenious stories, with multiple subplots and plenty of mystery and suspense, keep fans glued to Chris Huang’s fantasy world.

Amazing art of vocalization that is rich in emotion

With the honorable title of “Eight Tone Genius”, Vincent Huang is responsible for vocal performance of all the characters in the Pili puppetry programs.  With his rich vocal and emotional range, he brings each character to life, giving each wooden puppet its own unique and vivid personality. For many years, he has devoted himself to performing the dialogue and sound effects for Pili, making him a master in character dubbing. Not only is his skill unparalleled in Taiwan, even professional vocalization actors from other countries are amazed by his talent. For Pili’s puppetry video productions, the vocal track is recorded first before filming. This is to give the director, puppeteers, and other production workers a chance to understand each puppet’s heart and soul through Huang’s voice.

Relationship Business

The parent company of the group focuses on the production of the dramatic puppetry series, as well as satellite television; it is the production center for “Pili Puppetry”.
Focuses on the integrated marketing businesses including distributing the dramatic series, the group’s collaboration with different industries, and brand licensing.
Concentrates on the related businesses for the production of 3D animated movies.
Concentrates on the related businesses, including distribution of animated movies and as product development.

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